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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Uncomfortable Jew (Matthew)

Berlin Day 1
Ok, so I had my very first moment of being an uncomfortable Jew in Germany.  After dinner me and two other guys, one local, one participant (Elliot), headed to a local neighborhood bar away from the touristy stuff.  As we walked in I was keenly aware that we were definitely dressed differently and thus, weren’t the average locals.  We walked up the steps and turned right and there, about 10 yards away was the bar with the most Aryan looking guy ever.  Tall, dark facial hair, bald head and wearing a tight black t-shirt.  I swear straight out of a movie.  We walk in and past him and all I can think is, there’s got to be a punch line in there somewhere.  “Three Jews walk into an Aryan bar in Berlin…”  Thus the journey begins.

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